Roy Reviews – “Your Lie In April” (Anime)

Boy oh boy was this an experience, it’s safe to say that this show both shocked and moved me. This is my review of the extrodinary and enthralling Anime tale known as “Your Lie In April”.


The story follows one Kousei Arima. This boy was a fantastic pianist thanks to his mothers teaching, he came first in every piano competition and practiced for hours on end. However after years of perfecting Kousei’s talent, his mother died and he was left emotionally distraught.

The show starts two years after his mothers death and you are informed that Kousei hasn’t played the piano since her death, with only a handful of close friends Kousei had something missing in his life. Now introduce Kaori Miyazono, a free spirited violinist who is almost the complete opposite to Kousei, however after a while it becomes clear that she has completely turned his life around for the better.


The impact that this show has left is quite massive. Leaving you breathless and wanting more, don’t take this as gospel however. Some people have different opinions but for me this was a heartwarming story that also leaves you feeling vulnerable.

With most shows and films you are either left satisfied or wanting more, and for me I was left with a bit of both. On one side I was left satisfied, as even though I sort of predicted how it would end it still emotionally wrecked me. On the other hand I was left wanting to see how much everyone was affected (maybe a glimpse into the future?).


The animation was stunning from beginning to end, every episode was like a beautiful piece of art that grabs you until you can’t avert your eyes from the screen.

The imagery would transport me into Kousei’s world and allow me to experience all the joy and sadness he has been through.

Roy’s Rundown

Overall this was an emotional roller coaster making me laugh at one point then cry at another. This will surely leave a mark on anyone who watches it and made me appreciate good music even more!

10/10 – ⭐️

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